Tugger’s Vet Visit to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Clinic

tugger playing with toy ferret and maria

Tugger & I playing with Ferret.

I quickly finished rinsing Tugger in the shower. I didn’t want to be late for our 8:30am appointment, and I had to get him dried down as much as possible. His freshly clean coat now smelling surprisingly good.

Tugger and I rushed to the back seat of the FJ Cruiser, that I had quickly padded with heavy towels for him to lay down. And finally, we were on our way!

About forty minutes later we had arrived at Tampa’s new Humane Society Clinic. (right behind Church’s Chicken, on Armenia) address is 3607 North Armenia Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33607 • (P) 813.876.7138.

Tugger our dog acting wacko

Tugger, our pet dog acting wacko!

First, let me say that Tugger is a wacko dog. He LOVES people, especially kids! But he is a very excitable dog. Hyper, at times is putting it mildly. And he is a BIG dog. He has not been around a lot of dogs. We wanted to make sure that we could totally control him before he was around a lot of dogs, kids, and other people. He has improved a LOT, but not to the extent that we like, YET.

Arriving at the clinic, I went to the front desk with Tugger to check in. The man behind the desk asked me to put Tugger on the floor scale that was against the wall to get his weight. I knew this would be a challenge. Tugger can be very stubborn. He was afraid of the scale at first sight. And no way was he going to be coaxed to go within a foot of it, try as I would. After a few attempts. I told the man at the desk that I could not get him on, and I thought that that would be the end of it. I was wrong.

He was very excited when he saw the 4 or 5 dogs and 1 cat that were in the office. He wanted to go play with them right away. I kept telling him to calm down, and made him sit, which he did. But then he would get up after a minute or so, and I would keep telling him to calm down & sit and he would.

We probably waited about 10 to 15 minutes, before an Assistant came out and realized he had not been weighed. She tried all kinds of creative tactics to get Tugger on the big shiny floor scale. First she tried pulling or leading him onto the scale. He would not go on it. Then she tried pushing him onto the scale, he squirmed out of her grasp. This assistant was persistent. She put a towel (that I had brought) over the scale, thinking that he was scared of its shininess-he still would not budge. She then kicked the scale farther & farther away from the wall, zip. Meanwhile he had peed on the floor, he was so scared. I also was rooted to the spot, amazed at all her attempts. Finally, she good naturedly motioned to me and with both our strengths we got him on the scale. Sixty-eight pounds! (I only regret that I don’t have a video of all this LOL)

That assistant led Tugger and I from the front waiting area to a room in the back. She talked to me for a few minutes about if Tugger was taking anything for flea protection, heartworms, etc. And a few plans they had. I declined what they offered for now, saying I would have to research Triflexis, etc. Tugger is on Frontline Plus & Heartgard for now.  I did ask her if they could cut his nails , I really wasn’t that sure that they could without putting him out. However, she said they were used to everything a dog can throw at them. She told me it  would be $11 to cut his nails. And she left.

tugger doesn't always need a muzzle.

Tugger doesn’t always need a muzzle.

It wasn’t long before 2 other Assistants came into the room. They were both very friendly. I am sorry to say that Tugger growled at one of the Assistants. I corrected Tugger, but not sure he understood. (Recently Tugger has started to do this at times, and Paul and I are working on that with Tugger). She asked about putting a muzzle on him, which was fine. And I put the muzzle on him. Tugger had never experienced that before, but he soon calmed down. He did not keep the muzzle on the whole time. I put it on & took it off him twice. He was fine with me doing this both times.

He got his shots, and his nails trimmed. An Assistant had her arms around him to make sure he did not move much. He was not too happy about it, but he cooperated, and we told him what  a good dog he was.I asked the Vet to look at Tugger’s left back paw. He had somehow injured it weeks earlier, but would not let Paul or I look at it closely. The Vet determined that he had ripped out a toe nail. And that even though it was already healing, it looked a little infected. So she prescribed some antibiotics that I picked up on our way out.

Tugger smiles a lot more since his toe nail's been fixed.

Tugger smiles a lot more since his toe nail’s been fixed.

For Tugger, our bill was like $112 total including his tags.  Everyone I came in contact with at the clinic was extremely helpful and friendly. I would recommend this Humane Society Clinic.

IMHO this review is just my honest opinion of my visit this time. No guarantees! LOL!

Tugger gives them 4 paws up! (But you have to remember Tugger is a little wacko!) :-D